SANSA (21.04.2011)

    1.  Waiting For The Sky 3:03 FITCR1100016
     2.  Black Brick Wall 3:04 FITCR1100017
     3.  Boys (Summertime Love) 3:54 FITCR1100018
     4.  Faults In My Armor 3:25 FITCR1100019
     5.  Black & White 3:10 FITCR1100020
     6.  Rainbow Child 2:44 FITCR1100021
     7.  Gone To My Head 3:38 FITCR1100022
     8.  Savior 2:40 FITCR1100023
     9.  The Night 3:56 FITCR1100024
    10. Can't Keep My Eyes Off You 3:31 FITCR1100025



     The Finnish songstress Sansa returns with her third album to date, ”Savior”, on Texicalli Records in April 27th, 2011. Displaying class A songsmith skills and a knack of building en­veloping soundscapes, ”Savior” is entirely played by Sansa and producer Janne Oinas.


    Six years after her debut ”Vagabond Girl” hit the shelves in 2005, Sansa is a young artist maturing beautifully, carrying out a personal artistic vision of how fresh music should sound in 2011. In Sansa’s case, you might find things like folk, pop, and even ”trip hop” in the mix, all sealed off with the artist’s inviting openness when it comes to lyrics. A sense of being an outsider and the theme of forgiveness pop up as recurring references in her music.


    What you’ll hear on ”Savior” is a fine example of modern day singer-songwriterness at play. Sansa and producer Janne Oinas continued their exceptionally fertile collaboration. The dynamic duo also played all the instruments heard on the record plus handled all production duties. The album thus formed comes across as an earnest end product not tainted by any unnecessary levels of interaction. Electronic and organic elements sit sonically in peace side to side on the album, making it sound effortlessly timeless.


    A somewhat surprising choice among the original composition found on the album is a version of ‘Boys (Summertime Love)’ by 80’s dance diva Sabrina. Sansa describes her interpretation of the chosen song as a sense of ”plaintive nostal­gia and a hunger for love”. Indeed, the track gets a complete makeover here highlighting Sansa’s perspective on it and also showcasing her remarkable capacity in making the song her own.


    Here’s how Sansa herself sums up the seemingly unorthodox choice of cover:

    Italo folk and disco have been close to my heart since I was a little girl. The idea to cover that song came to me by ac­cident. One day I was reminiscing about my favourite dance songs from the 80’s and ’Boys’ was in the top 5. I was hold­ing my guitar and started to play some chords and explore. I think ’Boys’ is a song of solitude, longing and desire.”

    Gathering speed on the live front as well (she was awarded the ”Debutand of the Year” accolade by the Helsinki Festival in 2010), Sansa in 2011 is a pleasant discovery of an upcoming artist in full bloom. Three albums in, Sansa is still fresh as they come, yet with a strong sense of artistic maturity and vision to take her a long way.



    INTERNATIONAL PROMOTION: Martti Heikkinen / Texicalli Records Oy / / +358 40 5020104





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