Janna "The Makings of Me"

Texicalli Records / Jupiter (JUP028CD) 2009

"The Makings of Me", released in 2009 by Texicalli Records' Jupiter imprint, displays talented Finnish soul vocalist Janna at her best. The eleven tracks on the album serve as a fine introduction to Janna's world, or as a much-welcomed sophomore effort for those already in the know.

Janna's debut "Right Now" was a much-needed dose of proper soul sister vocalism in 2007. Soon Janna cemented her status as one of the artists to keep an eye on on the burgeoning Finnish soul scene. A family affair at least when it comes to Texicalli/Jupiter, Janna's debut saw the talented vocalist join forces with Tuomo Prättälä and Aki Haarala of Quintessence fame, among others.

Of course since then things have evolved and Tuomo, for example, has become a sought-after solo artist by his own right - as has Janna as well. On "The Makings of Me" sees the songstress boasting an impressive four-and-a-half octave range join the same soulful cats again. The result is an impeccable burst of soul from the heart.

So what are the makings of this young artist on the rise? Deep emotion, a delicate sense of narrative, and a strong brand of earnest introspection all meander next to each other in the mix. Musically Janna's soul vision brings together an appreciation of the old school with a savvy ability to bring in the new. This is where the aforementioned producers Prättälä and Haarala truly shine.

The new album got a head start with the leading single ‘Go Go Get Gone', which has been a fixture at radio playlists in Janna's hometown of Helsinki. She also won the "Newcomer of the Year" at the influential Basso Music Awards in 2008.

The above is nothing completely new of course, given the success of Janna's debut in Finland, Europe, Japan, and beyond.

That all is already in the glorious past, though, and "The Makings of Me" is the present. There's nothing to get too nostalgic about, though, since Janna has pulled off one of the most challenging moves in the business. She has topped a brilliant debut with an album 2 which meets all the high expectations it faces, and then some.

It's best to leave the last word to the artist herself. As she states in the track ‘Take Me As I Am', "Take me as I am / or leave me the way you found me".

If you, like us, know and appreciate your quality soul music in 2009, it is strongly suggested that you follow the first of the two choices presented.

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